Hazel Adams

“A Little Song for Hazel”
Words and music by Leonard Running
with Mrs. Engelhardt’s 5th Grade Class
©2012 Leonard Running




      Hazel Adams

A little house in Spearfish sits
And Hazel Adams is in it.
And little children get a little bit,
A little bit of Hazel’s love.

Chorus: A little bit of Hazel’s love,
A little help from up above;
A lot of things we need a little of,
A little bit of Hazel’s love.

Hazel Adams has a pig;
She’s very smart but she’s not too big.
Scratch her back and she will do a jig.
A little jig with Hazel’s pig.

Went to school and was a ranch hand
Helped her folks, of course.
It was fitting she’s babysitting or sitting on a horse.

Hazel Adams met a man.
He’s a cowboy; his name is Dan.
He and Hazel made a little plan;
A little plan for her and Dan.

At the Seven Down rodeo place out east
Hazel cooks a little feast
Roast beef for thirty five at least
Hazel’s Little Britches feast.

In the good times, in the sunshine,
A little rain must fall.
All your troubles are like bubbles
They’re little after all.

If you feel you don’t belong;
Everything is going wrong.
You can sing this Little Song;
This is Hazel’s Little Song.

Hazel was born in the Sturgis Hospital to Joe and Mildred (Nim for short), on July 22, 1945. She was raised on a ranch in Vale, SD. For eight years she went to Farview Country School and then on to Vale High School. From the start, Joe and Nim taught her the meaning of hard work. They also taught her to appreciate what she had and to make the most of it. Hazel was blessed with very loving parents who supported their children in all that they did. They were gentle and firm, and instilled in their children to do their best. Hazel’s favorite song is one that fits her father and that is “Daddy’s Hands” by the Judds. Her parents worked their farm even in hard times, and her father would break horses on the side. For many years he farmed with them until they were able to buy their first tractor. Even then, he was his own mechanic. Her mother cared for the home and worked side by side with her dad. She also raised lambs to sell so they could buy items for their home. Together, they raised six children. Her siblings are Jerry, Connie, Bill, Sherry and Jess. She is the oldest of the last three children.

Horses and animals have always been part of her life and her passion for them continues today. She had a Welch Stallion named King that she and two other siblings road one mile to school and back each day, uphill both ways, of course! He was a very unique horse because not only did he carry three kids to school, but he loved peanut butter sandwiches, bologna sandwiches and even cookies! Hazel admitted that her favorite subject in school was “horsing around.” She had the opportunity to play fast pitch softball and because she was a guard in basketball she was able to play full court when the others could only play half. She has always wanted to care for children and one of her first jobs, besides plowing for the neighbor, was babysitting.

One of her favorite memories was trying to teach her sister, Sherry how to drive a 1936 Coupe Chevy stick shift. She also remembers many days that Sherry, Jess, and she would play and swim in the canal, roll barrels and make toys using boards and tin cans for the wheels. One of her most cherished possessions is the tiny Bible that her mother gave her and she still has it today. With the many days she spent at the canal she remembers one very well. It was the day that her horse got bogged down in the canal and she had to drag him out. It took a very long time, but she did it. She was also a very dedicated “snipe” hunter. Some friends took her snipe hunting and dropped her off to catch one. She spent the entire night with a gunny sack and flashlight until they finally drove back to get her. It was well past 5:00 in the morning! The worst thing about it was, she never did get a snipe.

She had the opportunity to attend the college of hard knocks (many times). In high school one of their favorite things to do was raid the watermelon patches. When they had enough watermelon to get their fill, they would drive into town and park under the glow of the street lights and eat them. In fact, looking back, she believes that was one of her first dates with Danny who became the love of her life. One of the best things that has ever happened to her was when they were married on June 1, 1963 and it has been 48 years of togetherness! Another one of the greatest moments in her life was having her daughter, Danielle Marie. Before they even left the hospital she had the nickname Punky because she was such a cute little pumpkin. Since then Punky has filled their lives with joy and another blessing was when Punky married Shorty and blessed her with 3 beautiful grandbabies.

She has made memories in Spearfish for 48 years and most of Hazel’s most cherished hobbies include her family. She gets to share many moments with her grandkids, riding her horses, and visiting with friends. She has the job she has always wanted and she loves what she does. She is most proud of her daughter and all of her accomplishments, and her grandchildren and all they do. Her philosophy is one that each of us should consider and that is to “Live every day to the fullest, have fun and believe in the Lord because he has gotten her through a lot!” With all of her own accomplishments in her life, she continues to live by what she believes.

She has a large bucket list and on it you may find that she will someday be parasailing over clear blue water or skydiving hundreds of feet above the ground. Who knows, she may be flying down a zip-line somewhere on her way to the National Finals Rodeo. Her advice to all is: “Be polite and considerate! Work Hard, and smile, not enough people do. If you know Hazel, you can guarantee that she will be and chances are, when you get to spend some time with her, you will be smiling too!

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