Bob Moye

Words and music by Scott Simpson
with Mrs. Damuth’s 4th Grade Class
©2011 Scott Simpson




      Bob Moye

His dad was a drummer, and he was too.
They called him “sticks,” you want to tap your shoe…
He played jazz and country and rhythm and blues;
Bobby said, “Don’t Quit” and you know it’s true!

If life’s a struggle and you want to just give up,
Drink deep – ‘cause life’s an over-flowing cup.

Lived in Custer in his childhood years,
He served in the Navy four full years.
He’s always called South Dakota home
There’s no place better for “Bobby Jo”

If life’s a struggle and you want to just give up,
Drink deep – ‘cause life’s an over-flowing cup.

Wise men say, love your family every day,
And Bobby said, “Kindness will lead the way.”
In 1971, he married Karen, his only one,
Two daughters they had, and so began the family fun…

You ain’t nothin’ but a grandkid, just runnin’ all the time
Ain’t nothin’ but four grandkids, around all the time!
Ain’t nothin’ like family, and these four grandkids of mine!

Had six hound dogs throughout my days
Hound dogs and grandkids, it wasn’t just a craze!
They’re around all the time, no, it wasn’t just a phase!

Don’t quit believing, don’t be sad
Never say “never” – life ain’t bad!
Don’t stop movin’, ya know you’re gonna be glad!

Don’t quit believing; don’t be sad…
Never say “never” –life ain’t bad!
Don’t stop movin’, you know you’re gonna be glad!

Don’t quit!

Robert Joseph Moye was born December 31, 1947 in Hot Springs, SD. He grew up in Custer, SD but he and his sister, Helen, have lived in Spearfish for the past 31 years. He is 100% Irish and his ancestors used to pronounce their last name O’Muquie, but growing up, Bob’s nickname was “Bobby Joe.”

Bobby says life growing up was so much simpler than now…Most families didn’t have television and there were no computers, or cell phones. His father worked hard to bring home $25 a week, and back then, kids worked to help their families. He worked at his father’s restaurant picking up dishes when he was about 8 years old. His family bought a house for $9,000 and got a ’42 Ford pickup. Since they burned sawdust for heat, he helped his dad get a pick-up load of sawdust every week! Gas was .15 cents a gallon, postage stamps were
.03 cents each and a new car cost about $1,300!

Bobby’s favorite toy growing up was his little red wagon and his favorite game to play was baseball. He wanted to be a coach when he grew up and to this day, loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox! Is there any other team?!

Bobby always tried hard in school and after graduating, joined the Navy. His enlisted job was dental care, and after the military he attended Dental Hygienists’ school, earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and taught dentistry at University of South Dakota for 9 years. Bobby moved to Spearfish and opened Moye’s House of Flowers, and he and his flower arrangements became a beloved presence in our community. Because of Bobby’s great love of music and his skill at drumming, his buddies called him “Sticks” and he played with local bands for years, one in particular called “Straight-No Chaser.” He loves all music, but one of his very favorite performers is the King of Rock- n- Roll, Elvis Presley!

Karen is the love of Bobby’s life and they’ve been married for 40 years. They have two daughters, Heidi and Abbey, and 4 grandkids. Their other “kids” who came and went throughout the years were Baxter, Otis, Dudley and Wally, their beloved basset hounds. Family is one of the most important things in Bobby’s life, and he says that he is a lucky man to have both his daughters and grandkids in town.

Bobby would rather laugh than be sad, and you can’t walk away from time spent with Bobby without being a better person for it! He says he’s always tried to live by the advice of his dear father, which is to be kind and respect one another and he has made this his life project. He says that when you start something, finish it. Above all, his best advice to all of us is to “never say never” and, “Don’t Quit!”

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