Elmer Myers

“Grandpa Fudd”
Words and music by Marianne Fridell
with Mrs. Gillespie’s 4th Grade Class
©2004 Marianne Fridell



      Elmer Myers

You’ll never believe this but I was delivered,
At Whitlock Crossing, Missouri River.
Forest City was flooded by Oahe Dam,
But I didn’t get wet — because it wasn’t then.
Before the dam rose we moved to Isabel,
On a little farmstead without a well.
We toted our water from the neighbor’s place,
We called it running water — as we ran a bucket race.

If it’s work, you gotta do it. If it’s a tree, you’ve gotta plant it.
If it’s a fish, you’ve gotta catch it. If it’s broke, well, you better fix it…
Never give up. You can do anything.
If you put your mind to it — there’s a way to do it.

Things weren’t really easy when my dad died.
Mom had to farm us out in the summertime.
We’d weed, milk, slop, chop, and perspire,
But then in the fall — we got our school attire.
A record breaker bass in Isabel Lake,
And I knew that huge giant was mine to take.
I hooked him and pulled in 6 pounds of girth,
But it wasn’t bass season — so I hid him in my shirt.


We lined up for baths in the old wash tub.
I was the first one who got to scrub.
Ladies first, then my big brother,
And I was the one — who got the dirty water.
One side was hot and the other side cold,
Depending on the distance from the pot-belly stove.
I stepped in that tub and washed up quick,
But I scrubbed behind my ears — where Mom would check.


From hardware store owner to soda jerk,
I’ve fixed almost everything and loved my work.
But what matters most when looking from this end,
Are all the people — who became my friends.
Now I plant trees and I tend my garden,
With my motor scooter it isn’t so hard
And I look forward to each new day.
A brand new challenge, -I’ll find a way.


My name is Elmer Myers, but you can call me “Fudd”. Growing up in Isabel, SD, people called me “Ole”.

I had one brother and 4 sisters. We were a poor family, so I learned how to make the best with what we had. My brother and I invented a minnow net from a screen and an old bicycle wheel, sold minnows, and bought a new bike for $2.00. George busted the frame hitting a badger hole, but we fixed it with a stick. My favorite toy was a single roller skate that made neat tracks in the drifts of dust back in the “dirty 30’s”. Those were the fun days.

During high school, I worked at the drugstore, from errand boy to soda‐jerk and saved up enough to buy my first car. It was a ’39 Ford and the color of a copper penny. I joined the Air Force directly after high school, during the Korean War. Upon returning to Isabel, I met a pretty red‐haired girl, Alice Neigel, at a high school basketball game. I went up to her and said, “Hello Red”. We married in 1954 and moved to Okmulgee, OK, where I earned my degree in TV and radio repair. That’s where our first child, Pam (Mrs. Gillespie) was born.

I fixed appliances for 15 years in Rapid City, mostly at the Gambles Store. In all those years, there was only one TV that I couldn’t repair. Our other two children, Mary and Jeff, were born in Rapid City.

In 1970 I moved to Spearfish and managed, then later bought the Gambles Store on Main Street. We became “Myers Hardware Hank” in 1985 and ran that business until closing the doors in 1991. I always enjoyed all the people I met running a Main Street business. Those were the best days.

After my retirement, Alice and I lived in Rio Hondo, TX, and returned to Spearfish for the summers. After Alice passed away in 1998, I moved back to SD and live in St. Onge. Our 3 children have blessed us with 8 grandchildren and this summer I will have my first great grandchild.

Every place I have lived, I have put in a large vegetable garden and kept a nice yard with many trees and flowers. I enjoy growing grapes and fruit trees, too. I built raised garden beds so I am able to work my garden from my electric scooter. I planted the trees and flower garden at our VFW Post 5860, in which I am a member.

I get around well with my Canadian Crutches. I had many challenges because of my health, but you never give up and just do your best.

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