Kay Jorgensen

“A Passion For Life”
Words and music by Leslie Speirs
with Mrs. Merchen’s 4th Grade Class
©2005 Leslie Speirs

      Kay Jorgensen

Growing up in ‘small town’ South Dakota,
Started training ponies at age three.
It was a family affair, and she loved being there.
Horses were their life, and she can RIDE!

Dad said, “Girl, you gotta learn to talk in public.”
Sent her off to auctioneering school….
She was a colonel with a cane, she played the auction game.
Made some money too, and she can TALK! (And she can RIDE!)

Put on your hat! Pick up your tools of the trade.
Find that thing that matters to you.
Follow your dreams! Look for that happiness within.
Daddy said to give back, and do that which is right.
Family, friends and service, are her passion in life.

Went to University at Black Hills,
Dreamed she’d travel ‘round the world some day.
She visited Kenya, Bali and New Guinea,
And that was just a start, cuz she can FLY!!!

Soon the world of politics enticed her.
First a page, then on to our state Rep.
Served on many boards, business jobs came to her door,
Public service calls, cuz she can LISTEN! (and she can FLY!
And she can TALK! And she can RIDE!)


Kay Jorgensen was born in a little town called Witten, SD. Witten had 100 people in the town and 100 people in the school. Kay was in a class with 9 other students. Kay’s parents, Arnold and Twila Jorgensen, gave her direction and purpose in life. Her father was a horse trainer and in the livestock business. Her mother was the “Chief Halter Carrier”. Twila went everywhere with Kay and was a source of support for her. Her family, which also included two brothers, Spike and Joe, participated in horse riding and bought and sold horses. Kay was selling horses when she was just 3 years old. She grew up driving the truck to rodeos, taking care of and training horses, and working outside.

When Kay was a young girl, her parents wanted her to not be afraid to speak to anyone at anytime so she went to the Fort Smith Auction School to be an auctioneer.

Kay graduated from Witten and came to college in Spearfish, SD. One of her first jobs in Spearfish was helping her brother run Joe’s Cabins, which was located where Pizza Hut now stands. School opened up all kinds of doors for Kay. She loved college. Dick Ruddell and Hazel Repass were instrumental in helping her. She learned self-confidence so she could do whatever she wanted to do.

Kay loved to travel and one semester she was in a program called World Campus Afloat. She traveled around the world on the SS Universe. She saw and experienced many of the beautiful islands that were devastated by the recent Tsunami.

Kay was also involved in student government. She ran for many student government offices, won numerous elections, and held various offices both locally and statewide. This love of politics led Kay to be one of our state legislators for 12 years.

Kay was once described as the ‘woman who couldn’t hold a job’. But she has held and still holds many, many fascinating jobs. She was a legislator and lobbyist in Pierre. For eight years she was the Director of the High Plains Heritage Center. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Black Hills Cooperation and on the Cooperate Board of Directors for Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of SD and Iowa. Kay works with her brother Joe in realty and runs Creative Broadcast Services, a Radio Network Broadcasting Company.

Some of Kay’s favorite activities include: taking walks with her dog, Tressa, riding horses, reading, and traveling! We found out she loves strawberries and music, her favorite being, Jazz!

Kay’s parents were a great influence in her life. Now her children, Merideth and Christopher, are her greatest drive. Kay wants a world that is a safe place for them to fulfill their dreams. Her wish for everyone is to have peace in his or her own heart.

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