Louise Smock

“Spearfish is Home to Me”
Words and music by Larry Long
with Mrs. Christensen’s 4th Grade Class
©1999 Larry Long



      Louise Smock

I was born in North Nebraska
Had a midwife there when I was delivered
Have a scar from when I climbed a hog’s fence
And caught my neck on barbwire
Don’t let anything bring you down

From nebraska moved to Kansas
Where we lived in twister alley
I spent most of my summers inside of a storm cellar
Or standing by the river
Don’t let anything bring you down

Have to keep working, have to keep learning
Have to keep living, have to keep giving
Don’t let anything bring you down

No running water, just a hand pump
In the kitchen to do dishes
The cleanest person took the first bath
And if you were really dirty you took your bath in muddy water
Don’t let anything bring you down

This was back in the Depression
Without work people headed to California
While my mother gave smoked meat
To families and washed their dirty clothing
Don’t let anything bring you down (chorus)

When I married I was lucky
Had a husband who would bring me breakfast
In bed on Sunday. If you marry
Marry someone who will bring you breakfast on Sunday
Don’t let anything bring you down

Glider pilot, paratrooper, Korea
Police action, with a daughter named “Hooty”
To honor his regiment
My husband, Missing in Action
Don’t let anything bring you down. (chorus)

My name is Louise Smock and I was born on January 1, 1925. 1 was a New Years baby!

I had a great childhood with a brother younger than I. We had a sleigh and a horse and buggy.

We had a theory that a tornado would not cross a river or water. As a kid, we use to stand on one side of the river and watch the tornado cross. Later, we found that tornadoes do cross rivers. However, it was less scary to watch the tornado than sit in the cellar and wait.

I always loved school, and I think it was probably because I got out of work on the farm. But I really loved school. I loved all my teachers. I had a teacher named Miss Thelen. She was the most wonderful teacher in the world.

When I went to school, we had to buy our own books. I use to look forward to books. I’d nag my parents, “Are the books ready yet?”

My dad would always find a dime or quarter to buy a big box of books. One book was called How to Swim. I would lie down on the floor and practice swimming. I also practiced in the big horse tank and every time we were caught in the tank, we’d get spanked because it would foul the water. Dad would have to empty the tank and clean it. I would try not to let anyone find out that I was swimming in the horse tank, but Dad would always know because those lousy horses wouldn’t drink out of the water. But I did teach myself how to swim.

Life is fun everyday, no matter what. I use to think 19 and 20 is old!!! Now I’m 74 and I think that’s not so old after all. I want to be 100 and if not, someone is going to be in trouble!!!

My words of advice to you are, enjoy life and have fun. Life isn’t always going to be happy. There will be sad moments, but life can be really neat! Study hard and education is your rode to anything you want to do.

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