Linfred Schuttler

“Spearfish is Home to Me”
Words and music by Larry Long
with Mrs. Reinhert’s 3rd Grade Class
©1999 Larry Long




      Linfred Schuttler

Lived on a farm out in the country, Three miles from Spencer town
Where that big tornado, Blew that town to the ground

Lost our farm in the depression, Did not go on relief
Father worked as a blacksmith, I rode to school on my feet

Grandpa met Calvin Coolidge, In these hills we call “Black”
Soon we came to live in Spearfish, Once we did no turning back

In Deadwood Gulch first discovered, Gold in Eighteen seventy-five
Then came the gold miner, Panning gold to survive

Like a jet it came flying, Down the railroad track so steep
On that flat ladder highway, To Spearfish from Terry’s Peak

Every night carried water, From the Creek with a yoke
To that Chinese laundry, To clean the miner’s clothes

Selling books to make a living, The Bell Book Candle Shop
Never been to good at singing, So I think it’s time to stop

Living in this town of Spearfish, Sure has been good to me
But if I were a cattle rustler, I’d be hanging from a tree

Spearfish is home to me!

My name is Linfred Schuttler. I was born at 4:20 a.m. on November 2, 1924. I rode to school in a wooden bus with a long seat on each side. Our bus driver carried a shotgun with him so he could pheasant hunt on the way to school. I went to a one‑room schoolhouse for all 8 grades.

I moved to Spearfish in 1934. My dad got a Job in the valley picking apples for a dollar a day.

I had a roadside vegetable stand. I also worked in the post office as a clerk. I started a bookstore, Bell, Book, & Candle.

I think times were a lot more violent back then. In the early years, cowboys raced their horses through town and shot doorknobs off the stores on Main Street. My advice to young people today is to pay attention and do the best you can do in school.

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