Russ Arnold

“All About Russ”
Words and music by Marianne Fridell
with Mr. Parson’s 5th Grade Class
©2017 Marianne Fridell




      Russ Arnold

What’s my name? Call me Russ. If you see me round town, I’ll be driving Gus.
A lifelong fan of the Denver Broncos, I wear this cap so the whole world knows.

A hundred pins on my Lion’s Club vest, just a few of the things that I love best.
Take advantage of your life. Make the best of what life brings.

Have a positive attitude. Don’t let bad things get to you.
Be positive. Be positive. Be positive!

A history teacher and a principal, in Wyoming and Custer Schools.
See these grey hairs, I got them from the kids. I’m a prankster—I like to kid!

I work out at the Y each day. Working to prove that hard work pays.
Keeps me doing what I love to do: Gardening, skiing, making bread for you.


I’ve got things to show you left and right. My heart gives me my light and my might.
I share how life’s been good to me. What’s important is how you see.


What’s his name? Call him Russ. If you see him round town, he’ll be driving Gus.
He helps us out at the school, and listens to us with a heart that’s full.

He has a positive attitude
Don’t let bad things get to you.
Be positive. Be positive. Be positive!

And we hope someday, you’ll get to go to Hawaii.

Have a positive attitude. Don’t let bad things get to you.
Be positive. Be positive. Be positive!
Be positive. Be positive. Be positive!

Russ Arnold was born in 1948 in Belle Fourche, SD. Russ grew up in Rapid City with his parents and 2 siblings. Russ’ father was a principal, and his mother was a nurse. Russ recalls some of his worst memories growing up started with his mother saying, “Russell James Arnold!” Another memory Russ shared with us was, one time Russ thought it would be funny to moon his dad, but his dad saw it as something other than funny.

Russ went to Black Hills College where he studied history, was involved in drama and became a certified teacher, he had always loved history through his early education years. Russ went on to teach Wyoming History, some of the places he taught at were, Medicine Bow Wyoming, Crawford Nebraska, and Custer. Russ was the Custer High School principal for 3 years. Russ says, “I’ve got all this gray hair because of the kids!”

Russ uses a wheelchair because he developed Multiple Sclerosis, and it is the reason he had to retire from his principal position. Even though Russ has MS he does not let it get him down or depressed, he works extremely hard to do the things he loves and keeps a positive attitude! Russ told us that having a positive attitude makes a big difference.

Russ is a very active person in the community and school. He is a member of the Lions Club, he is the third vice president, and he has helped with the Foster Grandparents Program and enjoys reading with students. One of the Russ’ favorite annual activities is Ski for Light at Terry Peak! Russ is married to his wife Pam, has 3 kids, and loves his cat Snowball!

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